Jorge Varela


Jorge Varela’s passion is launching and growing companies, and helping others do the same. He is a businessman, startup evangelist, international speaker, business coach, angel investor and venture capitalist. He has started and/or been a part of the executive team at 14 companies most notably in telecom, software, and IT, with financially successful exits in each market segment. Most recently, he has mentored and coached startups in the biosciences & medtech with exits in the last 5 years exceeding $4 Billion.

Jorge is CEO of VelocityTX, an innovation superhub offering validation, acceleration, incubation, mentorships, and seed investments to startups with transformational technology. VelocityTX also partners with foreign entrepreneurial service providers to build ecosystems and provide a two-way bridge for trade of ideas, startups, investments, and products & services.

VelocityTX is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Texas Research & Technology Foundation (TRTF) where Jorge serves as Executive Vice President of Innovation and manages the McDermott Investment Fund.

Jorge is on the Executive Board of the Alliance of Texas Angel Networks, an organization consisting of 14 accredited angel groups in Texas, and on the Board of the InBIA, the International Business Innovation Association and on the Board of BioNorthTexas. He is also a grant reviewer for the National Science Foundation.

Jorge is unconventional in practice, and a certified risk-taker. He believes successful entrepreneurs will make the world a better and safer place through:
• financial independence and the creation of economic opportunities globally; and,
• improving the quality of life through the commercialization of new technologies.

Jorge’s personal goal is to positively IMPACT the world through entrepreneurship.

Jorge lives in San Antonio Texas, considers his native Belize as “home”, but thanks to his international travels and studies has a great understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity.