Year Founded 2006

Central Texas Angel Network

Network Overview

Having invested $90 million in 150+ companies since 2006, Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN) is the most active single-chapter angel group in North America and a significant source of early-stage capital to entrepreneurs from Texas and beyond. A nonprofit, member-based organization, the angel network features 185 individual accredited investors from an extensive cross-section of sectors and backgrounds. CTAN members not only invest; they also mentor entrepreneurs and connect them to business resources, providing critical support to the success of early-stage business and the Texas economy.


CTAN’s mission is two-fold: 1) Provide quality early-stage investment opportunities for accredited angel investors. 2) Assist entrepreneurs and early-stage growth companies by serving as a key source of funding, mentorship, strategic advice, and educational resources.

Investment Focus

Seed stage startups

Organization Info:

Name: Central Texas Angel Network

Phone: (512) 518-6054


P.O. Box 5435 Austin, TX 78763


Contact Person:

Name: Mark Thorsen

Phone: (512) 518-6054


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