Southwest Angel Network

Organization Info:

Name: Southwest Angel Network

Phone: (512) 658-2240


610 Cottonwood Creek Rd Dripping Springs, TX 78620


Contact Person:

Name: Bob Bridge

Phone: (512) 658-2240


The Southwest Angel Network is one of just a handful of angel networks in the US with a focus on social impact, on doing good, and on making the world a better place.  We are a source of positive energy for our angels at a time when the country is filled with divisiveness and negativity.

And we see deal flow from social-impact companies from all across the US, and occasionally from Europe. We show our angels amazing social-good companies.

And while we focus on social impact, we have not lost sight of the goal of making a return for our investors.

Examples of social-impact include improving education and healthcare outcomes, increasing financial empowerment, protecting the environment, and working to improve the lives of groups of people who face unique challenges.